House Republicans

GOP Holds NYC Crime Victims Hearing In Thinly Veiled Attack On DA Alvin Bragg

The Manhattan prosecutor’s office calls the meeting a ‘political stunt,’ which comes more than a week after Donald Trump’s indictment.

DHS Funding Chaos Highlights Republican Discord

Homeland Security Department is in danger of shutting down.

Black Leaders Want Rep. Steve Scalise to Denounce Hate Groups From House Floor

Wade Henderson and Marc Morial meet with Rep. Steve Scalise.

Republicans Worry House Race Could Hurt Diversity Effort

Candidate Daniel Donovan prosecuted the Garner case.

Republicans Press Attacks on Obama Agenda

The party is advancing bills the president strongly opposes.

Rep. G.K. Butterfield Becomes the 24th Chairman of the CBC

North Carolina lawmaker outlines his agenda for 2015.

House Majority Whip Under Fire for 2002 Speech to White Supremacist Group

Rep. Scalise says he was unaware of the group's leanings.

House GOP Sues Administration Over Health Care Law

Lawsuit was filed in federal district court in Washington.