Jackson, Mississippi

In Eulogy, Al Sharpton Calls Dexter Wade's Death 'National Outrage'

An independent autopsy shows there’s ‘no excuse, not even incompetence’ for the city’s blunder, attorney Ben Crump says.

Jackson, Miss., Mayor Says Miscommunication Caused Dexter Wade’s Erroneous Burial After Police Ran Him Over

There was no police misconduct, Mayor Chokwe Lumumba says, but Wade’s family has doubts.

Mississippi Law Discriminates Against Jackson’s Majority-Black Residents, DOJ Alleges In Lawsuit

‘This thinly-veiled state takeover is intended to strip power, voice and resources’ from Black voters, Assistant U.S. Attorney General Kristen Clarke says.

Why Jackson, Miss., Has The Fastest Shrinking Population Across The U.S.

From the city’s water crisis to high homicide rate, residents face several problems.

Majority White Legislatures Taking Control Of Predominantly Black Cities In Emerging Pattern

‘Right-wing extremists’ with a racist agenda are taking away Black rights to self-determination, says activist.

Deion Sanders’ Daughter Apologizes For ‘Exaggerated’ Comments About ‘Murders’ At Jackson State University

Deiondra Sanders said in a podcast that there were frequent murders and other crimes on and off the Mississippi campus.

Mississippi Environmental Regulator Denies NAACP's Jackson Water Discrimination Claim

Mississippi’s ‘racist funding policies’ are at the root of the majority-Black city’s water crisis, says the civil rights organization.

DOJ Files Proposal In Federal Court To Install Third Party Manager For Jackson, Miss. Water System

Residents of the majority Black city have suffered decades of unsafe drinking water.

EPA Determines Water In Jackson Is Safe To Drink

The city has been struggling with a water crisis.

Jackson Water Crisis State Of Emergency Extended By Mississippi Governor

The order was first issued on August 30.

Mississippi Governor Calls Jackson Mayor 'Incompetent' Over Water Issues

Mayor Lumumba is critical of attempts to privatize the city’s faulty water system that fell into serious disrepair over decades of neglect.