Tyler Perry’s Zatima

Zatima's Love Triangle Unravels: Zac's Reality Check, Fatima's Family Dinner, and Paul's Mystery

In this week's episode of 'Tyler Perry's Zatima,' dreams shatter as Zac awakens alone, Fatima faces Paul's ultimatum, and secrets emerge.
Actors Anika Noni Rose and Redaric Williams on set of episode 201 of BET's The Quad.

From Football Fields to Soap Opera Screens: 5 Fascinating Facts About 'Zatima's' Redaric Williams

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'Tyler Perry's Zatima': Zac Might Finally Get A Win With Fatima

In this week's episode, Zac steps up his quest to get Fatima back with help from a surprising source.

Five Reasons Why Zatima Should Reconcile

Zac and Fatima need to stop playing and figure out how to make things work.

Five Reasons Why Zatima Should Break Up

From cringe moments to unexpected revelations, here are five reasons why Zatima might be better off apart.

'Tyler Perry's Zatima': Zac's Therapy Twist: A Deception Unfolded

In this week's episode, an unexpected family therapy session reveals deep-rooted issues, and as Zac struggles with revelations, Fatima wrestles with her own feelings and decisions. Will they ever find common ground?

'Zatima': Zac is Down Bad Over The Zatima Breakup

In this week's episode, it’s finally setting in for Zac that life without Fatima might be his new reality.

'Tyler Perry's Zatima': Zatima is Back, But More Like Single Zac and Single Fatima

In this week's episode, Zatima called it quits, but it’s evident that they still love each other.

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Dinner with Dr. Reid did not go well, as expected.