Michael Brown

Photo: Big Mike Jr Brown Via Facebook

On August 9, 2014, 18-year-old Michael Brown (known as “Big Mike” by friends and family) was shot and killed as he walked down a street in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown, though unarmed, was shot multiple times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. He had just graduated high school and was set to begin college at Vatterott College the Monday following his murder. Brown’s unjust killing has sparked an outrage throughout the African-American community and the wider American community alike. Protests took place nationwide for the slain teen. In addition, there were riots in the teen’s home town, with police turning on protesters and journalists with tear gas and rubber bullets. On November 23, a grand jury of nine whites and two Black people decided not to bring any criminal charges against Officer Wilson. Protests--some peaceful, some not--erupted across the nation, including in Ferguson, Oakland, New York City and Los Angeles.