White Supremacists Reportedly Threatened Florida Voting Rights Organization

A tour bus, sponsored by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, pulls up to a Miami-Dade County courhouse ahead of a special court hearing aimed at restoring the right to vote under Florida's amendment 4 in a Miami-Dade County courtroom on November 8, 2019, in Miami, Florida. - Eighteen former felons saw their right to vote restored, allowing them to cast their ballot in the 2020 election. (Photo by Zak BENNETT / AFP) (Photo by ZAK BENNETT/AFP via Getty Images)

White Supremacists Reportedly Threatened Florida Voting Rights Organization

The Republican Attorney General released a statement.

Published October 26th

Written by BET Staff

The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, a non-partisan organization that pays the court fees and fines of felons to restore their right to vote, has received threats from white supremacists after Florida Republicans formally requested for police to investigate the organization. 

The Tampa Bay Times reports that following the Florida Republicans request for an investigation into the program, white supremacists have threatened the organization’s executive director, Desmond Meade, for supposedly “working to undermine President Donald Trump’s re-election.”

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“White supremacist groups were encouraging people to go to our website and do nefarious things and trying to sabotage the site,” said Meade to the Tampa Bay Times. 

“We’ve never had this issue before. We’re fighting just as hard for that person who wishes they could have voted for Donald Trump as the person who wishes they voted for Barack Obama.”

Last month, the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition came under a larger spotlight when former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg encouraged donors to contribute to the organization. Almost 32,000 Black and Latinx felons were blocked from voting due to a ruling that they could only vote if their fees were paid. 

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Bloomberg’s work to assist in paying the fees of people who served their time caught the attention of Republican Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. She requested for the Tampa FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement to look into the program, implying that “Bloomberg could be offering illegal incentives for felons to vote,” according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Moody’s spokeswoman, Lauren Cassedy, released a statement about the threatening emails that have been coming in for Meade’s organization. “White supremacy and racism are unacceptable,” she wrote. “Threats of violence should be immediately reported to law enforcement.”

(Photo by ZAK BENNETT/AFP via Getty Images)


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