#RelationshipGoals: Meet The Couple Who Bodied This Viral Fenty Beauty 'Raptorial'

Rihanna's Body Lava inspires a Fenty Beauty 'Raptorial'

#RelationshipGoals: Meet The Couple Who Bodied This Viral Fenty Beauty 'Raptorial'

Rihanna's Body Lava inspires a Fenty Beauty 'Raptorial' #RelationshipGoals

Published April 12, 2018

Fenty Beauty is more than makeup, it’s a movement!

These days, it’s almost impossible not to see a beauty tutorial that doesn’t include Fenty Beauty’s signature Killawatt highlighter or a Match Stix. That Rihanna reign is no joke!

Case in point, if you go on Instagram right now and search #fentybeauty, there are over one million posts of fans showing their appreciation for the growing cosmetics brand. Some even going as far as to create a new genre of makeup tutorials to catch your attention: introducing the “raptorial." Yep, where beauty meets bars!

See how this couple used their makeup and rapping skills to create a viral video showcasing Rihanna’s entire #BeachPlease Collection

How dope! Would you believe it only took two hours to create the rap and less than an hour for her to memorize it? It’s true.

We had to the opportunity to speak exclusively with the husband and wife duo, rapper Cru Alxndr and lifestyle YouTuber Kathlyn Celeste, who wanted to take their tutorial to the next level. Looks like their plan worked, it’s already going viral with over 11K views in less than a week. 

“My inspiration [for the rap] came from the excitement of creating something that was unique and has never been done before,” Cru told us. “I didn't think I could write about makeup, nor did I know where to start. But I'm always up for a challenge when it comes to being creative.”

(Photo Via: Kathlyn Celeste)

According to the couple, Thursday (Apr. 5) before the launch of Rihanna’s #BeachPlease Collection, Cru wrote and recorded the “raptorial” in two hours. The next morning his wife, Kathlyn, was the fourth one waiting in line at Sephora in New Bedford, MA, to get first dibs on the new drop. 

After two hours of filming and a day of editing, the couple released the video on Saturday. We found out, the concept for the #raptorial originally was set for when Fenty Beauty first launched back in September 2017, but fate had a different plan:

“My initial plan was to create the video when Fenty Beauty first launched but for some reason something always hindered the process,” Kathlyn told BET. “I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and in its due season so I didn't force the process.”

After two failed attempts to share an original video the same time a Fenty Beauty collection dropped, when the couple heard about Rih’s launch of her #BodyLava, they knew, “This is it!”

“I thought it was the perfect way to put both of our passions together and create something really cool!” Kathlyn said.

(Photo Via: Kathlyn Celeste)

Mission accomplished! Hopefully, this will not be the last time you see the dynamic duo linking up for a beauty video.

As of now, the video has been shared on Fenty Beauty's IG and has been viewed over 178k times, but we had to know what they would think if the bad gyal, RiRi, acknowledged their post?

“Haha, our first thought would definitely be: "Thank you, JESUS!" Cru confessed.

“Seriously!! I can't even fathom the thought! OH MY GOSH! That would truly be a dream to be recognized for our hard work by the QUEEN herself!!” Kathlyn added.

You never know with Rih, it might just happen! What are your thoughts of the "raptorial"? Drop a line in the comments.

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo Via: Kathlyn Celeste)


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