Supreme Court

OPINION: The SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Draft – Never Forget Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, And Human Rights Are Intertwined

The possibility of overturning the landmark 1973 decision reveals a more insidious intent to attack the rights Americans of diverse backgrounds have long enjoyed.

A Leaked Supreme Court Opinion, Abortion And Women’s Health: What’s Really At Stake

Noted OB/GYN and activist Dr. Tasha Rogers weighs in on the health implications this high court decision could have on the Black community.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Likely to Be Confirmed In Senate Vote After Procedure Moves Forward

With the assurance that all Democratic senators and three republicans will vote to confirm, Jackson will become the first Black woman on the nation’s highest court.

Mitt Romney Refuses To Say He Will Confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson To U.S. Supreme Court

The Utah senator is planning a “deeper dive” into the judicial candidate, despite her being among the most qualified in recent memory.

A Dream Deferred: The Making Of The Nation’s First Black Woman Supreme Court Justice

As Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings continues, the Dean of Boston University School of Law describes what this moment means to her.

Justice Clarence Thomas Slams Cancel Culture, Concerned About Politicizing The Court

The supreme court justice says that efforts to “pack” the court erode the institution’s credibility

Supreme Court Declines To Review Decision That Freed Bill Cosby From Prison

The comedian and actor served more than two years of a three-to-10-year sentence.