Supreme Court

OPINION: Clarence Thomas Accused Of Impropriety With Billionaire, Is That A Surprise?

This is part of a trend going back three decades and it’s another disappointment.

NAACP To Lead Rally Outside Supreme Court for Student Loan Cancellation

The NAACP and more than 20 other groups will make their case outside the high court as it hears two relevant cases.

Georgia Republicans Vote For Statue Of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Democrats are slamming the monument, which would be in his hometown of Pin Point, Georgia.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Issues Her First Supreme Court Opinion

The high court refused to hear a death row case.

Justice Clarence Thomas Has ‘No Clue’ What Diversity Means

As opening arguments began in two high stakes cases, the judge asks a presenting attorney for an explanation of what diversity is.

Analysis: Supreme Court Begins Hearing Affirmative Action Challenges And The Stakes Are Clear And High

There have been decades of pushback against the doctrine, but it’s now possible that diversity could see a collapse at major colleges.


Dylann Roof wanted to appeal his sentence for killing nine parishioners during a prayer meeting in 2015 because he hated Black people.

Major Tech Companies Sign Off on Amicus Brief Supporting Affirmative Action Before Supreme Court

Google, Apple, Facebook, Support Affirmative Action As SCOTUS Cases Approach