New York City Subway Shooter Frank James Pleads Guilty To Federal Terrorism Charges

Prosecutors want the judge to hand down a life sentence.

NYC Subway Shooter Frank James Says He Will Plead Guilty To Terrorism

He’s accused of carrying out one of the worst attacks on the city’s subway system.

Family Of Imprisoned 'Hotel Rwanda' Hero Sues Rwandan Government

Paul Rusesabagina, praised globally for protecting scores of people in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, is accused of terrorist involvement.

Kamala Harris Came Shockingly Close To Pipe Bomb During Capitol Insurrection

This raises questions about what safety measures were in place.

Howard, Spelman, Several Other HCBU Campuses Receive Bomb Threats, Causing Lockdowns, Evacuations

Norfolk State, North Carolina Central, Prairie View and others reported the threats but no explosive devices were found.

A White Supremacist Has Been Arrested For Beating A Black Man With A Pipe In Charlottesville

Daniel Borden is being extradited from Ohio to Virginia.

Teen Protected From Portland White Supremacist Terrorist Thanks Her Defenders

"Without them, we probably would be dead right now."

Update: The Stupid Mistakes That Made It Especially Easy for Police to Find NY Explosion Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami

The amateur led officials right his way.

Watch: Details Behind ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed's Lawsuit Against Texas City

Accusing him of terrorism jeopardized his home and safety.

Terror in Paris: Can Gaming Devices Be Used to Plan Attacks?

And could privacy on our everyday apps be affected?