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Human Remains Under Pensacola Building Likely Belong To Historic African American Cemetery, Florida Officials Say

An investigation by University of West Florida researchers is ongoing.

Another Unmarked Black Cemetery Discovered In Florida

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Black Girls and Women Killed At Rate of 4 Per Day In 2020 As Homicides Increased

Homicides of Black girls and women were the most increased.

2020 Census Reveals Unprecedented Multiracial Growth, White Population Decline

The Black population now makes up 14.2 percent of America.

Gang Member Who Led Firebombing of Black Family Homes In L.A. Housing Project, Receives Long Prison Sentence

Carlos Hernandez organized an attack against Black families.

What Black Business Leaders Say Biden-Harris Administration Needs To Address

How the White House can address the needs of Black firms.

The BET 100 Entertainers And Innovators Of The Year List

Our homage to this year’s remarkable Black star power.

How Mail-In Ballots Could Boost Black Voters In North Carolina and Other Battleground States

Mail-ins offer a useful alternative during the pandemic.