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In Meeting, Sen. Chuck Schumer Hears Very Real Concerns About Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Black People

The New York Democrat listened to several parties’ worries about the technology and discussed ‘guardrail’ legislation as a protection.

Not Seeing Enough Brothers In The All-Star Game? Here’s 7 Black MLB Players You Should Know

Although the numbers of Black players is declining, there are still some stars that are making their mark in the league.

How Anti-Woke Extremists Are A Threat To Black Health Care

Opinion: Ideological politics are invading spaces and hindering doctors ability to provide necessary treatment.

Brandon Johnson Is Chicago’s New Mayor: How Will His Tenure Impact Black People?

Chicago’s 57th mayor takes office on Monday. But with his many challenges, it remains to be seen how that will affect the African American community.

Florida Approves School Textbooks After Racial References Are Removed

Passages mentioning Black Lives Matter and George Floyd were taken out of the textbooks.

Hate Crimes Expected To Rise As 2024 Election Cycle Nears, Study Says

Black Ameriicans are most victimized by hate crimes according to the report.

Florida College Board Revises AP African American Studies Curriculum And Adds ‘Black Conservatism’

Respected authors like Alice Walker and Ta-Nehisi Coates were cut from the syllabus.

Pew Study: BLM Tops List Of Groups Black People Find Most Helpful

The survey also finds broad support for the BLM movement.

Henry Louis Gates Takes A New Journey Into Blackness With ‘Making Black America: Through The Grapevine’

The Harvard historian and PBS show host is bringing a new look at our past to find why we are who we are, and why that’s a good thing.

White House Pushes Back on Claims Black Staffers Are Unhappy and Leaving

Despite a recent article White House staff turnover rates are within the expected range after a president’s first year in office, officials say.

Human Remains Under Pensacola Building Likely Belong To Historic African American Cemetery, Florida Officials Say

An investigation by University of West Florida researchers is ongoing.