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BET Breaks Cast

Amina Smith

@aminajadetv Amina Smith is a media maven with a with an extensive background in entertainment and sports journalism. Her career in TV began well before graduating from the University of Miami, and since then she's taken her talents to ESPN, FOX, Big Ten Network, and now BET! Amina not only brings her experience to the network but also her raw sense of humor, passion for success, and love of hip-hop culture.

Jordyn Rolling

@jordynrolling Born and raised in Utah (yes, you read that right!), Jordyn is a dynamic multimedia journalist, comedian, and entertainer. Hailing from NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Institute of Journalism, she’s best known for being the host and associate producer of Al Roker Entertainment’s former digital show “BizWireTV”, and the co-host of the CBS-produced, three-time Emmy Award-winning entertainment TV show “Mark at the Movies”. Jordyn’s humor, determination, and ability to adapt make her the perfect “new kid on block” at BET Breaks.

Jamila Mustafa

@jmedia_ Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Jamila Mustafa is an American actress, broadcast journalist, host and four time national pageant winner, dubbed "Young, Black and Lit". Getting her start at the age of eleven, Mustafa has been seen on Fox, A&E, ESPN, BET, iHeart Radio and more. Fun fact... Mustafa has a black belt in martial arts!

Tony Anderson

@TonyAndersonTV Originally from Philadelphia, Tony Anderson attended Delaware State University, graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. He joins BET Breaks from Sports Illustrated. As a correspondent, he has traveled internationally to report on important and historical issues. From Australia to Los Angeles to Washington DC, Tony has interviewed a host of recognizable figures in entertainment as well as in the worlds of sports and politics such as Bono, Beyonce, Howard Dean and Lebron James.

Amanda Booz

@ItsAmandaBooz Fearless, ambitious & full of life! Amanda Booz is a TV host, actress, producer, and writer who is obsessed with all things pop culture. Currently, you can catch her serving as an on-air host for BET Networks digital entertainment show, where she breaks down the latest in entertainment news, world news, fashion and so much more. With over 5 years of experience working in radio and television, the Miami Born native continues to break barriers and cultivate the true art of creative storytelling.

Krystal Vega

@kwkrystalvega Born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen New York City, Krystal Vega has become the voice of the culture for her generation. While building her brand from the ground up, she has proven herself to be nothing less than a force to be reckoned with. Krystal Vega has been called on as a media correspondent and host by multiple prominent platforms which she has brought her lively energy and fan base to. Krystal Vega is not just a media correspondent and a host, she is an assortment of positions, an influencer, a voice, a representation of young entrepreneur women.