About 'From The Bottom Up'

From The Bottom Up is a docu-series following women who have experienced complex adversity. Everyone has a cross to bear. The pressures of these women’s crosses have led them to make bad choices and they are now dealing with the consequences of their actions and their journey is the compelling part. Their honesty and courage is what makes their stories intriguing

From The Bottom Up TV Series Cast Members | BET

Tamika Wright

Going Green

Tamika Wright is a wife, mother, serial entrepreneur and a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She takes pride in gaining connections and empowering those she encounters. Tamika’s entrepreneurial career has brought her much success and acknowledgement.     

Angela Stanton

Mirror Mirror

Angela Stanton is a National bestselling author who is gifted with the ability to captivate people with her words. Stanton is a dynamic public speaker, entrepreneur, and mentor who inspires her audiences by her life’s challenges.      

Brandi Davis

Ms. Co-Dependent

Brandi Davis, born and raised in Southfield, Michigan, is an author, motivational speaker, reality tv star and prison reform activist. Davis is the daughter of a legendary street hustler and the girlfriend of a notorious drug dealer.     

Danielle Jones

Identity Crisis

Danielle seems to have it all; fun, smart, gorgeous and healthy. After encountering what she believed was her soul mate, Danielle is single, alone and in crisis. She’s always been the best counsel for others yet can never seem to make her own life work.         

Iesha Jeng

Excuse Me Ms.

Iesha Jeng is an entrepreneur, mom , and designer. Since 2009 Iesha Jeng has been a Fashion Designer and Fashion Consultant to the stars and the wealthy elite .Ms. Jeng has worked as Creative Director on photo shoots, music videos, and editorial shoots.