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India Love

(Photo: BET)

India is the youngest daughter of the Westbrooks family. Her online following nears 1 million and every post she puts online gets over 30,000 likes. She is the most popular of the Westbrooks sisters and has fans, including hip hop stars (she has dated The Game) and NFL players. She makes money through modeling and social media promotions.


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Crystal is an aspiring model and India’s biggest rival. Described by her sisters as being smart, but really spacey, Crystal longs to be taken seriously by them. As the only Westbrooks to attend college, she sees it as a major step to earning the respect she desires.

Brooke Lauren

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Brooke is known as the black sheep of the family and has always felt like an outsider. She has a great relationship with her mom, but does not get along with her dad. This is partly due to her having three children out of wedlock with her delinquent boyfriend.


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As the middle Westbrooks, Bree is known for stepping in and protecting her siblings. She is also a model for plus-sized women and preaches the message of loving yourself. She is a single mother with a three-year-old boy and has recently become more religious.


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Morgan is known as the goofy sister and loves riding her dirt bike with her crew. She is the most financially savvy of the sisters (she’s sponsored by a clothing line, co-owns a tanning salon and is part of her dad’s businesses) and is currently recording a hip hop EP. She hopes to take her passion for biking and turn that into a viable business.


NOVEMBER 3, 2020